Maugerville Excursion

After driving north across the Princess Margaret Bridge, I continue down the road for 12 minutes into Maugerville. Maugerville is a Fredericton-North community that has many farms and industrial businesses. Since it floods every spring, the land gets perfectly saturated for growing crops. Every now and then after class, I take a little trip into Maugerville and head to The Country Pumpkin; a fruit, vegetable, and baked goods store that also houses a petting zoo on the side. Lettuce is occasionally spread on the lawn for children to pick up and give to the animals in the large pen. A large sheep comes over to me and I pet it’s curly, rough, yet soft wool. It had a very nice temperament and was very calm. After spending some time with the animals, I head across the highway in front of the store and look up the river. The wind is strong and cold, making you squint when it blows. Fall is here.

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