To the one that knew

There will always be that one person that you will tell your secrets to. The person you fight and laugh with. The person that knew why you were in different moods.

Maybe a friend, or your significant other. Mine is the one that I forever will regret letting go. To the one who knew, I would thank you for letting me get everything out even if it hurt you too. My mind was and is a mess but you still managed to make it your master piece.

You knew exactly why I hated a person and why every time they would talk you would say it was time to go, because you knew I couldn’t. You ordered my food when we went out because my social anxiety wouldn’t let me. You knew when I was sad but hiding it with fake laughs.

When night would come and we were near one another you knew I couldn’t hold you, but I could use you holding me. The days my friends would want to do something crazy you would make up excuses so we could just cuddle the day out.

You knew when sacrificing was good and bad in the times of need. You would call randomly just to better my day because you knew somehow I needed it. When you bought hoodies you got my size even though you knew you couldn’t fit it but because you knew I would take it, and treasure it.

The adventures we took was places I would never had known was on earth if it wasn’t for you. It was never about what you done or what you got me or even how you treated me. It was how you knew. You will always be the one who knew. The only one. I want to thank you. I love you.
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