Maximize the value of your recurring expenses with Kroger fuel points

If you shop at Kroger, chances are you’ve bought gift cards to your favorite restaurants just to pick up an extra discount on your next gas fill up. Kroger also frequently provides 4x points on cards, and that happens to be this coming weekend again. This often happens around holiday weekends or leading up to major holidays.

If you don’t usually get gas at Kroger and aren’t familiar with how the fuel points work, you get a cash discount at the pump. Using your Kroger card is enough just to get you 3 cents off per gallon every time you fill up. But if you have extra points, you can get 10 cents off, or multiples of 10 cents, per gallon. For every 100 points you earn in the store, you get 10 cents off per gallon, up to 35 total gallons. If you’re a multi-car family, take two cars with you to get the maximum value. Right now you can redeem unlimited fuel points on each fill up and supposedly get your gas for as low as 1 cent per gallon!

You’ll need to go to and sign into your Kroger Plus account to add the digital coupon to your card and scan your card to get the 4x bonus. Otherwise it’s just the regular 2x bonus. When there’s a 4x bonus, that means you need to buy $25 in gift cards to get 100 points, which gives you 10 cents off your next fill up.

Great, you’ve heard all this before. But what does this have to do with your monthly recurring expenses? Well, do you have Netflix or Spotify? You can buy a gift card at Kroger for those to pay your monthly bills! So now you get a little extra discount at the pump while paying your regular bills. And if you’re travel hacking and trying to reach your minimum spend requirements, you can stock up on a few months worth of cards at one time.

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