How the new coronavirus is changing the school system and…

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This is a conversation that could take place between myself and the principle at my work space. In this imagined scenario, I am sitting with the principle because a co-worker has complained about me not wearing a mask at work. I work in a high school, the principal is reasonable and fair. He is willing to listen to the staff who work under his supervision, and recognizes that these are unusual times.

The schools have been disrupted. Grad ceremonies have been cancelled. Students and their parents are uncertain about the future of school and society in general. Teachers and education assistants are both uneasy about going back to work, and frustrated that the education system is being destroyed. The economy is being torn apart, governments are going into massive debt to keep their citizens safe at home while not working, because of a quarantine that has been going on now for over two months. …

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A new mind map

By Chris Russell

I'm getting a better, clearer picture of what the mind looks like. …

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Digital flyer for Wellness Cafe

Today I began the day very early. This quiet moment lead me inexorably to crying. What do I cry about? I will get into that later, but first I have a thought that displays a feeling I have. “I am here for my son (children) first, then for myself, and then everyone else can get in line.” I see my second son, he still needs me; I see myself, I still need me too; but the lineup to my love is not very busy. …


Christopher J. Russell

I have created a new mind map, through my own research and education. I am now exploring a deeper understanding of the psyche, including the heart and spirit.

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