A poetic look at love

i am not bitter.

i enjoy life too much to get angry at the mysterious things that i encounter. i just love to talk and write about love, and what better way to do that than to experience love. that is what i do. i am in love and seek love, to share it and play in its warmth. though knowing full well that love also has these barbs or poisons that hurt and make you feel sick. i none the less swim in the power of love, seeking to find its source and destination. not to hold it from its comings and goings, but to assist and aide it on its travels from one person to the next
maybe if we had wider perception, and deeper awareness we would see how love does flow among people, and given enough distance between one's perceptual awareness and our collective humanity, that we would see love flowing across the masses of humans in waves and gusts. the people would sway and swoon in a way that the movement of love would look like the movement of flowers or tall grass moving in the wind. the waves wash across the swaying flowers, they move together as the wind brushes their faces. this is how i see love moving across the people i know.

some of us are better than others at catching those waves.

to use another metaphor, we see the surfer on his board riding powerful waves of water towards the shore, only to crash upon the sands of the earth. the rider exiting the wave in their own style. with love though there are no boards to ride, unless you consider your own body the board you ride on the wave of love. to be able to catch those waves and ride them to their powerful ending, crashing upon the sands of time. that is not the end where love is concerned, transformation occurs and the love is no longer a wave of power and energy moving towards certain doom, rather love is now the passing of water through the still rocks of the earth.

love does have many forms and expressions.

the seasons of love are as hard to play in as are their days, like the seasons of this beautiful earth that we have grown up on. still we must seek, those of us who desire love's touch, and when we feel that wave coming up at us from the great ocean of awareness and creation, and you try to catch that wave, not to hold it, because that is ridiculous, but to ride it, and go with it, as an observer and participant, as a sentient being aware of their own existence outside of the power of the wave they ride. trying to go with it, and harness the incredible energy that is moving matter; you want to be moved too, and you attach yourself as best as you can upon this wave and try to ride it to its conclusion.

How many good surfers are out there?

maybe there never have been that many people who can ride the powerful movements of love. we have had our fair share of amazing poetic and ideals of love presented by some very creative and expressive men and women. we know what love is, we have seen it and shared it, both in memory and in deed. you see i know what love is too. you reading this may also know what love is. we have been lucky(?) enough to experience personally the power of love. starting with our parents, who also moved imperfectly upon the waves of love, even with love that is for their own children. love grows as we become stable in our parental love, or sick of it and seek different and hopefully better love outside of the family. as our capacity to love grows, so does our circle of people that we love also grow. do you see it growing too?
Who in our history has felt this kind of love?

i think it is because love does not last. i think that after the wave crashed upon the shores of reality, that we, the rider of this wave, must realize that it is not gone, this wave of love that we were riding, but it has been transformed. the love is no longer a powerful moving force in its own domain. it is now a subtle and supple energy moving gently through time and space. nurturing and feeding as you move through the new medium of dense matter.
 eventually even this form of love is lost. love will eventually mystify and become like the gasses of the air. lighter still than the waters in the earth, love takes flight and loses all form. function becomes a conscious expression of self in this love, the most divine and mysterious love available to humanity. there are so few examples of this love manifest in humanity, i remain stumped as to who to compare it with. who in our history has felt this kind of love? i am sure we all have our favourites.
great people who inspire us to love on. i am thankful for the gift of love, and i do have my heroes whom i put before me so that i can move in their same direction. love is my own path though, and each encounter with love teaches me more. i learn about myself and how i can better balance on the rushing power of love’s wave. i do want to reach land, and transform my love into its more nurturing and sensual forms of love. i also learn about the movement of love itself as i feel the energy moving me, as i become intimate with it’s movement, i can feel it, and i start to move with it, we become more familiar with each other, and this is comfortable.

Let’s live love through example.

i think i have found that wave. i can feel it moving under me, and we are approaching the land quickly. this wave though is not going to smash upon the rocks, rather we are going to fall gently into the sloping sands of a new shore. i can sense this, almost see it as i write it out here, the beach we are approaching is beautiful. white sands with a hint of sparkle here and there, palm trees sprinkle the shore and blaze the way towards more lush forests that sustain life and movement. we are gently moving towards this beach, and i want to ride this wave to the end. i am not going to jump off this one and go looking for another. this is it, the love i feel here is good, there is an affinity between this love and my very being, i want to remain with it as it seeps into the earth. i want to transform with this love from the moving wave of energy that we are now, into a gentle sustaining flowing of love that will move slowly and surely to fill its capacity to nurture life and love.

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