End of my Uber Ride

The Uber Dev Platform Team

Today was my final day at Uber after two and a half years as the head of product for the Uber Developer Platform.

I loved the Uber experience, the moment a sleek black car arrived to whisk me away. Not only did it change my life, but I knew it would forever change the world. The opportunity to develop a mission, vision, products and team for 3rd party Developers at Uber was a dream. The reality of working alongside incredibly talented colleagues to build a great team, culture, and a suite of developer products for thousands of Developers has been an amazing ride.

However, change is the only constant in life. Given my experience and passion for developers, platforms and ecosystems, I’m eager to find a company where these things are a central and strategic part of the company’s vision.

Over the coming weeks and months I’ll be having lots of conversations to figure out exactly which company or project I want to pour my heart and soul into next. If you’re working on something that is making a big, lasting impact on the world and think there might be a way for me to make a meaningful contribution as a full-time part of the team — let me know!

In the meantime, I’ve set aside some time to do remote consulting with just a few companies. I can provide strategic guidance on all of the topics listed here: http://chrissaad.com/consulting/

This includes my expertise on developer platforms & ecosystems, on-demand economy, future of media, data portability and the silicon valley ecosystem.

Drop me a line at me@chrissaad.com for details. Please be sure to include information about what you’re working on and the kind of challenges or opportunities you’re facing at the moment.

Finally, in just the last few days I’ve been delving into producing short-form audio content (each no more than 2–5 minutes long). It’s been addictive! Check out my Startup Advice series where my first few episodes share insights for building Open Developer Platforms. If you have any ideas or questions you’d like answered for future episodes, leave them in the comments.