Policy discussion: Twinning with the Islamic University of Gaza
Anna Berestova

Like much of the work by Officers and the SU on this policy so far this year, I find this blog post really disappointing.

The suggested amendments detailed here are different to those brought to SU Council and voted on there. This is the first time that Hamas has been mentioned in relation to the policy, and the concerns around antisemitism which you did raise have been fleetingly alluded to here with no detail or elaboration whatsoever. Regardless of the intention, such to refer to ‘the antisemitism’ without making clearly what is being described as antisemitic is irresponsible and could contribute to the tendency to conflate anything Palestinian or critical of Israel/Israeli apartheid with being antisemitic. Some clarity and consistency would be much appreciated.

I don’t think its useful or relevant to “ condemn the links of the Islamic University of Gaza to Hamas” because this is not a policy about the electoral politics of Palestine, nor the place to articulate positions on them. Hamas is a party elected to government by the Palestinian public. I personally would not support Hamas; however, it would seem absurd to condemn the links between a University and the (elected) governing party of its country for any other university we twin with in any other country. Why is it different for Palestine/Gaza?

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