Several times and occasionally we've been faced with the challenge of selling ourselves in just a sentence.

I personally found it a very hard task to accomplish, so I decided to do a research on an easy fix solution in understanding the simple ways of overcoming this challenge, which is what I am sharing with you.

Knowing and understanding how to sell yourself, becomes a vital tool in becoming an influence in your field or being understood by the people you meet.

Each time we meet a new person, this question about who you are, what you do pop's up and this one question can become the game changer. How you answer it, determines how you’ll be perceived by that person.

But unfortunately, almost everybody gets it wrong. Not only does it cost you potential friends or clients, it also makes you forget about your own importance.

Getting it right, gives you the power to influence and and charm everybody towards liking and loving you.

In selling oneself, it is more important to focus on your impact in the society and not necessarily on what you do. That is, the "I am that or this .... " factor should be secondary and not the primary focus of introduction, because it only gives a description of what you do, but do not expressly showcase who you are.

By focusing on the benefits of what you do to sell yourself should be your primary goal, when introducing yourself. This help people understand your person and also help establish a strong connection with what you do.

For example if you're an accountant, you can sell yourself by focusing on the benefits of what you do, " I am Mr.......... I managed finances by helping people make the right choices as regards their finances, I am accountant."

By focusing on the benefits and impact of what you do, before mentioning what you do, gives people the desire and curiosity to know more about you, which can eventually makes them your potential clients. 
After thought: let the benefits of what you do be the primary focus and who or what you are a secondary focus.

E.g I am Chris Sam I help people develop business IDEAS and themselves, I am the founder entrepreneurs corner and CEO

Please you can use the comments section, to share with me other ways one can effectively sell his or herself in one sentence. Thank you.