Universal Ethic?

Is there an ethical standard that is universal in nature? If such a universal standard exists does it prove there is a moral being who governs the universe? Is he concerned how the creatures morally respond to choices they face ? Let’s first look at whether or not there does exist an ethical standard that is universal. From the very beginnings of childhood, our moral compass, the conscience is evident. The conscience exists to point us in the direction of right and to help us to steer clear of that is wrong. If the conscience were the result of evolution, why would natural selection leave this innate knowledge of good and evil? Wouldn’t we be more suited for survival if our conscience did not pang us every time we took life, lied, lay with another’s wife etc?

So if the conscience is not a direct result of evolution from where does it come? Is there universal absolutes, such as universal truth, a universal ethic? A universal is an object that can be in more than one place at the same time or in the same place at different stages of time. Redness, justice, being, even humanness, are examples of universals. The Law of human nature, or right and wrong, must be something that transcends the actual acts of human behavior. In this case, besides the actual acts, you have something else, a real law which we did not invent and which we know we ought to obey. It cannot be a result of culture. For even before a child is introduced to the many facets of the culture to which he or she is born, they are already demonstrating a knowledge of good and evil. So where does the conscience come from?

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