Star Wars: Collecting Stories

Telling stories is a very human thing. Collecting stories is just as human. It used to be that stories were collected in our minds and retold by our mouths and over time molded into the myths we have today. The human brain was the first format for storytelling. Then later there was papyrus, film and kindles.

Some stories are so a part of the human condition they get retold in many different fashions across many different media. Adaptions of the Homer’s the Odyssey are many. The many translations into many languages, film, kid’s versions and even a recent bastardizations (I say that with love) by Matt Fraction called ODY-C. So the same story told across different media is old news. Every popular book eventually gets a film or tv show made based upon it.

Only some franchises are so big that they can support many stories across many formats and all tie together. That franchise is Star Wars.

Let’s clear some things up. I understand that Marvel is told in animation, in comics, in film and even in novels. But most of those stories are a retelling of the comic book stories. There is a comic universe, a film universe ect.

Star Wars is one continuity (well it’s two, Legends has been archived) across all formats, film, tv, animation, comic books, novels, video games and even short stories in magazines. To do something like that you have to be big and you have to be adventurous. Star Wars is that.

If Star Wars is special it is because of it’s vast world across mediums that set stories in different time periods (a long time ago in a galaxy far far away).

I’ll be honest. Star Wars isn’t great science fiction. You know space wizards and what not. The phrase ‘space opera’ doesn’t sound all the endearing to me.

But its popularity has given us something different than mass adaptions. We have a whole timeline of continuity that must be consumed in different ways. Stories that happen in concert with one another but are forced to be told in half hour Disney channel formats, dense biographical novels, art driven comic books. and blockbuster films.

The universe of Star Wars has to be regulated by a ‘story group’ so that a diverse set of writers and storytellers can mold their visions without impeding on the overall vision.

That brings us to next relevant human trait. Collecting stories. I am a collector of stories and imperfect Star Wars is perfect for a collector who loves different media. This year I have watched animation and live action Star Wars. I have read novels with my eyes and listened to novels with my ears. I have read comics and then because brevity is in a comic book’s nature, I have re-read them. I’ve dabbled in the video games and have been annoyed at having to pay for the mediocre short stories that appear in the Star Wars (propaganda) magazine. They are all canon and good bad or ugly I will collect them.

I will collect them because Star Wars is an example of something we don’t have in any other field. The giant continuity of a galaxy told in dozens of ways and that’s what makes Star Wars special.