what it was like…

i wasn’t the kind of drunk who, upon receiving multiple weather reports-cum-warnings regarding blizzard conditions, would (sorta sensibly) stock up on booze and various other accelerants in order to prepare for a days-long lockdown; no, i’d go in the opposite direction, literally and with the blinders firmly attached.

it would be around the time of the mild-to-semi-severe snowfall & squall, when i would hit the bricks, from bar to bar, house to apartment to studio, hell-bent on wearing down my every welcome, my bank account and credit at each opportunity, in a desperate search for the next “event” to present itself.

dunno what it was gonna be, but whatever it was, it was gonna be the “life-changer”.

i never really found whatever it was i was looking for; i mean, i’ve a million stories, but honestly, who doesn’t? upon any given night, any one of us could’ve taken the mantle of “world’s craziest”. doesn’t mean shit, short or long-term.

s’pose that’s for the best.

most definitely for the best, as i sit here, warm, comfortable, well-fed…

more-often-than-not? back in the day? i really can’t tell you how many times i was literally stranded, not knowing where i was or how i was gonna get home.

the worse part of it, though?

well, that was when the storm subsided: the city re-awoke, the 9 to 5’ers awkwardly stomping thru the banks and drifts, back to work after a forty-three-hour respite…

the sun would shine, and i’ll be goddamned if i didn’t feel that much closer to dead than alive, not being able to figure out how to re-join the human race.

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