“This Dream” Will Become Reality for Frontier, Only Question is When

I can’t say that I’ll ever get to where I’m headed. But if I do, will I find the life that I expected?

They say I’m dreaming, I can’t help feeling, there’s a higher plan…

The song is called This Dream, from the album of the same name by Frontier, a three-man band from London, Kentucky.

Who of us really knows what lies ahead? Will our dreams ever materialize, and if they do, will they live up to our expectations? This Dream (the song and the album) makes you think… and dream… and thoroughly enjoy the process.

If you’re a fan of the Zac Brown Band (which I am) or the Eagles (check), and you have an interest in discovering great young talent before they hit the big time, you’ll want to check these guys out.

Frontier “delights audiences with upbeat melodies and swelling three-part harmonies.” The band includes Ethan Worley (rhythm and lead guitar, vocals, and songwriter), his brother Andrew Worley (rhythm and lead guitar, vocals, and songwriter), and their cousin Caleb Caudill (bass guitar and vocals).

From left: Dave Grigsby, who frequently drums for Frontier; Andrew Worley; Caleb Caudill; Ethan Worley. Photo from Frontier Facebook page.

Frontier says their passion for songwriting and performing music “was born from such diverse musical influences as the Zac Brown Band, John Mayer, James Taylor, the Eagles, and the Beatles.” The band also says that hearing a live acoustic performance by the band Exile has had a profound influence on their music.

Frontier has yet to crack the 1,000 mark for any of their 18 songs listed on Spotify. After a week of listening to their two albums (their debut album is called “Longer Roads”) on shuffle (I dare you to listen just once), the only possible explanation is that no one outside the Bluegrass State has yet heard of these songwriters and musicians, who live in the shadow of the Daniel Boone National Forest.

Frontier has been making the rounds in Kentucky — they’re playing Palmer’s Fresh Grill this Sunday (August 6) from 12–3 pm, and they’ll be at the Stonebridge Summer Saturday Night Concert Series (free outdoor show) on Saturday, August 12. On Friday, August 25, Frontier plays at BB&T Concerts in the Park (free outdoor show), and on Friday, September 1, the band opens for Exile at the Jackson County Fair.

Here are a few of my favorite Frontier songs (with Spotify links):

  1. This Dream
  2. Come On In
  3. Dancing Girl
  4. Can’t Slow Down
  5. Body and Soul
  6. Sing it to You

Are you a fan of Frontier? Have you seen them live? Are they as good in person as they are on Spotify? How did you discover them? What’s YOUR favorite Frontier song? Visit the comments section.

Chris S. Cornell is VP Digital Marketing at WOW Production Services in New Rochelle, NY. He is a photographer, writer, and digital marketing pro who promotes,indie films, bands, businesses, and organizations. He has no connection to Frontier, but predicts they’re going to be big.