Why you will read this story

Writing a blog post about blog posts in a blog post…

It’s about to get real meta up in here.

Here’s a couple reasons why you will read this post:

  1. Authority bias

People pay attention to authority figures in their life.

Wait, hold on. Chris Sha is not an authority figure, he’s a nobody!

Yes and no. I’m a nobody to most people, but I’m somebody to you.

If Joe Shmo posted this on Facebook, chances are you will not care what he has to say. But since you know me AND think I may have something valuable to say, here you are.

Conversely, if Gary Vaynerchuk or Kanye West posted something, you may have a higher/lower tendency to read up on their stuff based on your opinion (or lack thereof) on them.

Think about it like this:

Say you are hungry and want to get some good eats. What do you do?

Do you research the Interwebs for delicious and deliverable deals to your door?


Or, even more likely, you turn to your friend on your left and ask them what you should eat. If you trust their food palette, you’ll be sold in no time.

While there are hundreds, if not thousands of restaurants and store owners yelling about their amazing offer; you just can’t beat a friendly recommendation.

2. Click bait

As you probably have already realized, there is no reason why there is a picture of a girl — other than to get clicks.

It’s an extremely useful tool for capturing our attention, and marketers exploit the shit out of that.

Women are featured in far more advertisements than men because it has proven to be more effective. Don’t believe me? Open up a few magazines. Whether the publication is focused on male or female readers, the pictures display women much more often.

Women and men are just very much enthralled with women!

Sorry guys…

Even when I search Google Images for “Guy eyes,” I got women…