Are Noses a Social Construct?

We’re all culturally conditioned with a certain idea of what a “nose” is, and indoctrinated from childhood with bio-normative idealized ideas of a nose that are really impossible to achieve for most people.

I was looking in the mirror today and I realized that my nose doesn’t really fit the conventional definition of a “nose”.

For example, a nose is meant to be perfectly straight and in the middle of the face, but my nose actually tilts a few millimetres to the left. It’s not quite an ear, mind you, but it definitely doesn’t fit into nasal norms.

As I think about it, I realized I don’t actually have a nose at all. Rather, my face exists on a continuum, with one part blending into another and no clear separation between nose, eyes, mouth etc. It’s really impossible to say where one feature starts and another ends. It’s a facial spectrum of sorts.

Anyway, I just wanted to know if I was alone in this? Is there anyone else out there like me who is also outside the facial spectrum? Please give me validation. Thanks.