Peter, the super happy Boise Albertsons checker who reshaped my thinking about happiness
Dustin Hurst

I feel like my husband and I wrote this article. Peter is our favorite checkout guy at the Vista Albertsons. I remember one time like 6/7 years ago I went in first thing in the morning with a vicious hangover. I just wanted food and gatorade. I was not in the mood for his shenanigans. There he was doing his shit… “HEEEEYYYY, MORRRRNIIINNNGG! BRRREEAAKFAASSTTT MMMM YUMMY! SWIPE YOUR CARD ***AAAPRRROOOOVEEEDDD!!**** SUUUHHHWEET! CONGRATULATIONS WOOO HOOOOOO!!!!” and I just looked him in the face and responded: dude. no. stop.

I hurt his feelings. I legit hurt his feelings. I think for a good YEAR after that he acted completely different towards me. He brought his level down the second I was next in line. I had really brought his happiness down. HOW DARE I?! I think I even made fun of him on facebook one time talking about “suh-weet” and how ridiculous he is. I was such an a**hole. My apologies.

I think I was a miserable person at that time and anyones happiness just irritated the sh*t out of me!

We have been shopping here for 11 years… yes 11 years! Because this albertsons has the BEST people working here, and Peter is #1. This dude is genuinely the happiest dude on the face of the earth. Dont f*ck with this guy, he only aims to please and spread the joy. Like us, even if you move out of the bench area, take those extra few miles and spend the extra few bucks and swing on over to this Albertsons and go through Peters line. He is pretty freaking “Suuhh-weet!”

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