Trump won’t accept responsibility for deadly SEAL raid he approved over dinner, blames Obama
Aaron Rupar

This is really Bush’s fault because he’s the one who got us started in the Mideast… Cheney carries some blame too…

Actually, this IS Trump’s fault. Sad that one of our soldiers may have died because Trump doesn’t understand conducting a military operation requires up-to-date intelligence and possibly aborting the mission (as Obama said was done with bin Laden at the last minute after learning situation changes) — it’s a lot different than blowing tripe from a podium. This proves Trump doesn’t have what’s needed to be Commander in Chief… even worse, it’s possible Bannon told Trump what to do. I’d like to hear input from the generals and other military officers who were involved. I read a couple articles that said soldiers learned about five minutes before landing that the operation may have been compromised — someone gave the go-ahead. And I don’t trust having Muslim nations involved with going after Muslim terrorists… the soldiers may have been fine but someone in Pakistan HAD to know bin Laden was there — can’t trust upper military or those running the country.

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