Chris’ Top 10 Videos of the Week #3

Back with some great tech, comedy, food, songs, and nature. Enjoy!

  1. Alan Watts — Life Is Not A Journey

This is such a great watch. Absolutely loved.

2. Amazing Texting & Driving PSA

Definitely worth a watch. #ItCanWait — Take the pledge here.

3. Desert Rain Frog Is Hilarious

Most terrifying animal ever discovered. Sort of.

4. DJ Shadow — Nobody Speak ft. Run The Jewels Video

Epic, entertaining, relevant, A+.

5. Biohacking Humans For The Future — (Don’t Watch If Easily Queasy)

This took a bit to watch but it’s some amazing technology. It’s weird and a bit off-putting, but then again it’s virtually the same concept as a pacemaker.

6. Impossible Foods — Meat-Free Burger

This is not only a cool, and mouth-watering video, but this technology is going to be so important in the coming years if we’re going to save our planet and her resources.

7. Breaking Character on SNL

I love these outtakes. Genuinely funny people making each other, and the world, crack up. Could watch these forever.

8. Tesla’s Self-Driving Autopilot Technology

There has been much debate around self-driving cars (especially the recent falling out between Tesla and Mobile Eye after a crash), but it’s pretty amazing to see where we’re headed in this area. The big question: how much trust are you willing to put in these programmers? As much as you’re willing to put in a Greyhound driver you’ve never met before? As much as you’re best friend driving stick for the first time? Who knows.

9. Star Citizen “Imagine” Trailer

Posted the No Man’s Sky trailer a while back, which actually has been getting some negative reviews from players since its release. This game has a similar “massive universe” concept, with more conflict. And, to be featured here of course, a beautiful cinematic trailer.

10. A tour of British Accents

Loved this. I imagine the Canadian version to be quite boring, unless you focused on Quebec and the east coast, which would be highly entertaining.

Honourable Mention: Martial Arts vs. inanimate training object

This was just funny. Friends always have your back, no matter how silly.