The return of Chris’ top 10 vids of the Week

No Man’s Sky — Screencap

Dear reader. My name is Chris Studer. I’m 26, I live in Toronto, I run an organization called “Get REAL” with some amazing people. I also used to write a weekly video round-up blog — my favourite videos of the week.

I’ve come to realize that this blog was a lot of fun. It incentivized me to seek out content that I loved, but otherwise wouldn’t carve out time in my week to find. So from now on, I’ll be publishing one blog a week, ten-ish videos each (a goal). The videos will just reflect my interests — tech, inventions, humour, advertising, art, music, film, social change, entrepreneurship, travel, some fashion, delicious food, and great, great trailers.

I love to share things I love and find interesting. So… back at it!

  1. No Man’s Sky — Trailer

This has been circulating recently and it’s amazing. These game developers created a mathematical algorithm that builds on itself — meaning that it self-generates a new, vast universe to explore every time a new game is started. Even the game developers don’t know all of the possibilities or all of the worlds that could be generated. The planets also develop their own biology, which in turn influences life on that given planet. It really makes you wonder about creation — if humans have the capacity to build this type of world, and we’re on the cusp (some say through the door) of A.I., what’s so farfetched, all of the sudden, about a vastly superior alien race, building a vastly more advanced universe, along with a spark of life? Anyways — amazing achivement.

2. Modobag — Kickstarter Trailer

This just made me laugh. Also, racing around an airport is a dream of mine. Two-hour layovers just got a whole lot more fun.

3. What would happen if humans disappeared from the planet?

This video is an environmental PSA and it’s from a while ago, but it’s just so fun and interesting to watch. Very “I Am Legend.”

4. Confessions of a CIA Agent — “Listen to your enemy.”

This is from a little while back (again, this is what happens when you don’t do this for a while), but it really struck me. People so seldom see themselves as the villain. The less human we paint an enemy, the easier it is to inflict violence, exact hatred, and succumb to fear.

5. Genetic Engineering — CRISPR Advances

In this absolutely mesmerizing animated video, we are taken through the history of genetic engineering, as well as a number of tantilizing as well as terrifying potential breakthroughs this could (will?) lead to. Huge points for cultural references as well (HP, Super Mario Bros, etc.)

6. Stranger Things — References to classic movies

Amazing series. Amazing soundtrack. Here are all the times the Duffer Bros tipped their hats to classic sci-fi moments.

7. Blair Witch 2 Trailer

Just because the first one was such a classic. Time to re-watch, lights off!

8. Cybarwar on Vice

I find espionage so interesting. It makes you wonder which presidents and world leaders have gone to their death beds with unimaginably bizarre and paranoia-action-film-level secrets.

9. Star Wars: Rogue One Trailer

No explanation needed, really. Although I wish they’d work backwards, and tell some of the amazing Knights of the Old Republic stories.

10. Bad Lip Reading — High School Musical

Some classic bad lip reading moments. Interesting that Disney paired up on this one — anything for viral content, even wildly self-depricating!

Honorable mention: Wonder Woman Comic-Con trailer

Highly entertaining. Not too cheesy. Just the right amount of epic fight scenes and well placed one-liners. A good #11 if I ever saw one.