Review of Season One of The Office

Season one of the American version of The Office is a heart warming, original, and very humorous. Dunder Mifflin, a small paper company in the East of the United States has allowed a documentary crew to come and document what happens daily at their Scranton, Pennsylvania office. The relationships that are being developed throughout this first season that helps build a basis for the rest of the seasons are tangible and realistic. Michael Scott as everyone’s boss is very comical and definitely adds a sense of laid back and easiness to the show. Some of his employees are more qualified and well suited for his job, such as Dwight who is the best salesman in the whole company, however he remains in the Regional Manager position due to his many years of experience as a salesman.

Part of what makes The Office so enjoyable is the complicated, love-hate relationship between Jim Halpert and Dwight Schrute. Both these characters get annoyed by each other very easily, but know that work would be very boring and almost not worth going to without the other. In order to get back at Dwight for annoying him so much with his smart allic ways, Jim plays multiple pranks on Dwight that are harmless, but annoy Dwight and adds more to the humor of the show. There are so many types of people that everyone will have to work with, whether for good or for bad. The huge contrast in the characters of Phyllis Lapin and Angela Martin provides very differing views on many subjects. Phyllis is very sweet, enjoys helping others, and plays a motherly role in the show. Angela is strict and unforgiving. She loves her cats and that is about all she loves, she doesn’t enjoy many activities that ‘normal’ people do, such as watching tv. Not only are their personalities very different, but their appearances. Phyllis is heavier set with glasses and short, curly, brown hair. Whereas Angela has a petite figure, with straight, medium length, blonde hair. The huge differences between these characters help make The Office more accessible, because at one point or another, everyone has to work with someone that they don’t enjoy.

While it is still similar to the British version, it has its own twist on many of the characters and their own sense of humor. Although it can be very awkward at times, it always seems to play itself out into a joke. The awkwardness also adds to the comical nature of the show overall. Throughout the season there has been some inappropriate jokes, such as “that’s what she said” meaning that the show is aimed at an older teen to young adult audience. This phrase has become a social media phenomenon and is used more and more as many young people see this show and find it applicable in daily conversation. There is also some sexism and racism included in the show, and Michael Scott’s ignorance to these issues in the workplace is very comical as he battles with the Human Resources representative in their office and ignores anything Toby Flenderson says. As you continue watching this almost overwhelmingly hilarious show, I know that you won’t be disappointed with the humor, romance, and storyline overall.