Historical Missed Connections #1

Nov. 15, 1858 — Piercing blue eyes on Oregon Trail — Soda Springs, ID — w4m

My family was traveling West along the Oregon Trail a couple weeks ago and we had just stopped for a rest in Soda Springs. I saw that you just buried your sister in the only patch of unfrozen ground in the prairie. You shoveled the last mound of dirt on top of her lifeless body and we quickly exchanged glances as I pulled Ezekiel, my family’s mule, along behind me. You had these piercing blue eyes and I have not been able to stop thinking about them. You also looked mournful but I could tell you were very kind inside. If you and your family make it to Oregon City, meet me by the town post office at dusk in a fortnight. I’ll be wearing a yellow ribbon on my hand because I recently contracted smallpox and the townspeople mandated we mark ourselves so the population knows we are infected. But let’s get infected together. Tell me what fluid your sister coughed up after her rigor mortis set in and you’ll know it’s me.