Los Angeles Woman Stabbed After Admitting Dislike for Rosé

By Chrissy Bruzek

Los Angeles, CA — A violent scene ensued after a North Hollywood woman was stabbed by colleagues when she admitted to disliking rosé.

Madison Charleston, 26, of North Hollywood, was at a happy hour with co-workers last Friday when a waiter asked her to choose an alcoholic beverage.

Charleston, who was informed by the waiter of the $6 rosé happy hour special, declined, and instead ordered an India Pale Ale, stating she “didn’t really like rosé that much.”

After being questioned by her co-workers, one of Charleston’s colleagues reportedly obtained a steak knife and stabbed Charleston in the neck seven times. Several bar patrons rushed to the victim with steak knives and forks in their hands to contribute to the violent scene while shouting, “Rosé all day, bitch!”

Witnesses stated The Red Horse, a popular bar in the North Hollywood neighborhood, went completely silent after Charleston said no to the popular wine drink.

“I saw everyone start to stare at this one girl in the bar and I was like, what is going on?” said Molly Jilves, 22, a bar patron. “What the [sic] is wrong with a white woman who doesn’t want rosé?”

According to WineFolly.com, rosé spans the colorspace between red and white wine, and in a way, is more like a state of mind. The drink gained popularity in recent years due to its affordability and millennial attraction.

Employees called paramedics and Charleston was pronounced dead on the scene. All patrons dispersed prior to police arrival and no suspects were available for questioning. Charleston’s colleagues were unavailable for comment.

“We are doing everything we can to shed light on these injustices,” said Dirk Fallough, Los Angeles deputy police chief. “But we aren’t going to try that hard since we know it was a group of white women involved. And, really, if she didn’t like rose, she probably deserved it.”

No one is in custody at the time of this story’s release.