Breathe Deep…Can you feel that?

Photo by the ever so talented Billy Kidd

Take a deep breath. Not just any deep breathe mind you. Slowly inhale as though you’re pulling in energy through your pelvis until it moves up through your spine and opens your chest then gently push it out and imagine inhaling the same breath you just exhaled as though creating a current of energy moving through and around you. If you’re doing it right, you should feel a physical sensation in your pelvis. Close your eyes and try that again a few times a then come back to me…

Do you feel that? Do you feel the energy move through you? Is there a shift…a mini awakening of the body and a calming of the mind?

I know for me there is when I take a moment to really take it in, feel and release. To be present and still in busy world requires us to retreat back to ourselves.

I feel more centered and ready for whatever challenges I may be facing. I feel more at ease. I also feel more connected to my sexuality, creativity and my intuition when I breathe from the root of my being.

When I choose to feel and direct my breath through my body instead taking just another shallow break, I feel more grounded, awake and powerful.

It’s almost a subconscious reassurance that everything will be ok. For me it provokes a feeling that “I’ve got this”. It’s a coming back to self and even if it’s just a few moments, it’s abandoning the busy rhythm of life to just feel and be present.

It’s so incredibly simple but so incredibly powerful. I don’t have to depend on a guided meditation or a long-winded list of affirmations. I just need to feel the energy move through my body activating and balancing my energy centers as it expands up and out.

When I’m feeling stress or anxiety moving in, by doing the breath work, I’m able to feel that I can create shifts of change and currents of energy, which is a pretty powerful thing.

So, the next time you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, stressed or melancholy take a deep breath from the root of your pelvis and see how your energy and perspective can shift.

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