A Pastor In Eastern Europe
(Sacrificing Everything For Christ)
A pastor in Eastern Europe told a story about when he was preaching to a large group of people, he poured out his heart and was dead tired at the end of it but two hundred people had came forward to accept Christ.
When the pastor was leaving a young man came up to him saying
“Pastor, I need to talk to you.”
The pastor said
“I am too tired can you come back tomorrow morning?”
The young man never came back.
Later that day the pastor was arrested and interrogated, day and night for five days.
He answered all their questions out of fear of being beaten or killed.
The pastor said “Out of fear I could talk five days without stopping.
Out of love toward God, however, I could not speak five minutes more to a young man looking for the way of life. How will I stand before God and account for bringing two hundred to Christ that day when it could have been two hundred and one?”
We may choose to overlook or ignore opportunities that God has put in our lives to share Christ with others. We may think that there is a different person that will talk to them or you may think you will have a different opportunity to talk to them. No you may not have a different opportunity just like that pastor, he had one chance to talk to the young man and he blew it off because he was tried. I know the pastor kinda had a good reason to leave, I mean he did bring two hundred people to Christ but like he said it could have been two hundred and one. Don’t think about the two hundred, just think about that one person that could be burning in Hell right now just because he couldn’t spare five minutes to talk to the young man...
Don’t get me wrong here that pastor is a good guy I believe but the point is not to look at his life and opportunities. The point is to look at our lives and the opportunities that we have had to share the love of Christ with others... Just think when you go to heaven God may ask you why you didn’t share the gospel with someone when you had the opportunity to do so.
How would you answer Him?
Don’t let the opportunities slip away share His love with everyone you can no matter how tired and how busy you are..

John 9:4 As long as it is day, we must do the works of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can talk.

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