Getting Familiar with React

After spending a few weeks with straight JavaScript, there are still complications with the comprehension of the language. One is creating the script from the ground-up. It is quite difficult understanding which function to use and where it should go. How to call a function within the proper setting is another struggling.

Looking at the glass half full, I am now able to read majority of a the text when implemented on the page. Even though I am not sure how to come up with it out of thin air on my own, I am proud to at least read and become familiar with the terms enough to know what is happening on the page.

When using React with JS, as an educated guess, it will be hard to relearn a different format for JS so close to the starting date of learning the organic method of JS. In the long run, I believe it will allow me to learn JS at a quicker rate due to the help of rendering/static/states/props. The JS seems like it is more straight forward with the orders of the functions and the syntax. Overall, I am excited to learn/grasp the concept of JS.