7 Weeks and Counting

A few hours ago, I finally bought my ticket to Abuja. I knocked down the domino that will start an immediate chain of events. Admittedly, I am scared. This is such a big step for me and there’s no turning back. I know for a fact I don’t want to though. My excitement and curiosity supersede my fear a hundred times over.

As the screenshot shows, I leave June 21st. It’s a late night flight that connects through London. This flight was the cheapest I could find (excluding the idiotic fees) and it also has a 12 hour layover. This would be a traveler’s worst nightmare if they didn’t know anyone local to London…but I doooo! So, I’m going to meet up with family friend Annie and she’s going to show me around the land of Fish and Chips — with tea on the side. I've never been to London before, let alone Europe, so this will be a great mini experience to have on my way to Nigeria.

I land in Abuja the next day at 4:40AM (God, help me sleep on this flight) and then the adventure begins. This is going to be one wild ride…

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