Another First

The planning of this trip is turning out to be an introduction to a lot of things. I have two more firsts to add to my list; going to London (for a day but it still counts) and setting up a Gofundme page. I never thought I would have a true need for one, but once again I’ve been proven wrong by life.

I saved up enough money to last me a month in Nigeria. That was the original time frame so I wouldn’t have needed any help if the plans had stayed the same. Now that I decided to take the opportunity of volunteering and working for three months, my one month fund is blown to bits. I’m hoping I can raise a good amount of money so I can take this trip with no financial worries. Also, since I’m asking for money for myself I didn’t think it would be right if I didn’t try to get money for the school I’m volunteering for. The directors are paying for my flight and letting me stay with them so the least I can do is try to raise some money for the kids. I want to buy school tools and supplies so they can start to learn things they weren’t previously exposed to due to lack of funds. I truly hope this works out.

If you’re interested in possibly donating, check out my Gofundme page here: Anything you can give would be beyond appreciated :-)