How can we spare our time wisely instead on social media sites?

What can you do in 5 years and 4 months instead of using these social media platforms?

Holmes and Jeong (2015) advice is one to simply “Look Up”. In today’s culture it is the easiest thing to zone out. Instead of scrolling up and down, or texting on a screen we should communicate to the person next to us, make new friends and engage into cultural activities, voluntary work and physical activities.

Click on this video link Now: to see 6 things you can do instead. Sadly this is the society and lifestyle children nowadays are growing in.

Avoid checking your phone frequently, your Facebook page or Instagram account. You would also get more stuff done as you would concentrate better on the task at hands and feel a lot more satisfied at the end of the day with your good performance and achievements. Shifting away your concentration when logging on Facebook and Instagram can only lead to bad performed tasks and less satisfaction with the outcome.

Be creative make a DIY projects, redecorate your place, take a long walk around the area you live in, appreciate nature, involve yourself in physical activities, joke, enjoy and laugh with your friends. We only get to live one life so don’t waste it! See more ideas on this site:

A smartphone detox plan

Try the smartphone detox plan above. I encourage you to try it with someone, it can be anyone — your family member or your friends.

Let’s see how many of you manage to do ONE task a week to start with.

Yours truly,



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