Hot Potato

Well, hello there GORGEOUS!
I can see you checking out my eyes
Your baby blues are quite nice

My sweet potato and little one
Are just down the trail
Don’t mind my love she is baking in the sun
She is all about fitness these days

She wants to look like a french fry
Skinny with no shape
I tell her I like the way she is
But she thinks she has too much pulp

Whoa!! Mr Bicycler,
With those chubby tires
We could have been mashed
Watch where you are going!

Sorry about that, where was I?
Oh yes, she was mumbling about some friends
She doesn’t want to end up like them
They sit on the couch all day
I don’t understand
Who wants to be a couch potato anyway?
The worst part is they sit and eat chips
The first time I saw them with a bag I gasped!
I mean really?
A potato eating a potato chip!
But they assured me it was a corn chip
Still makes me cringe
We are the same veggie family, my friend!

I support my little beauty
So here I am out on the trail
I don’t want to lose my spudmuffin shape
I drink extra water to keep me plump
Did you hear the thunder
I have to nudge my little tater tot
The lightning will come and dice us
We would become crisp potato skins
Hope to see you out here soon, Hot Stuff

-Beaver Island Trail, St Cloud, MN, August 2017

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