School issues…

Today we went in to talk to the principle about my daughters teacher.

Since last friday she has been on either green or blue on her clip chart, which is a 180 degree change from what she has been doing.

Then yesterday, which was a no school day for her, i get a email from her teacher that says that she is not at the benchmark of where she needs to be at. She needs to know at least 15 uppercase, 15 lowercase and 15 letter sounds, and she only knows 6 uppercase 1 lowercase and 0 sounds. And that ahe could benifit from additional practice at home.

Ummm ok….so where is this coming from. Yet another email from her teacher telling us and focusing on the negative side or the lack if information that she knows.

I emailed the teacher and was like, so what is this benchmark, i have never heard of this. When was she tested for this?

The teacher responded that the benchmark was sent by the school district, and that she needs to be at this level by November for the trimester reports. And that she likkes to send emails to parents of kids who are not meeting this standard so they are aware.

Ok great, this sounds good. So i asked her when this test was done, cause i feel like she knows way more then 15 upper might struggle with lower case and at least 10 sounds. No answer back from the teacher.

So we had our meeting with the principle this morning and i told him that i needed a teacher to communicate to me both the good and bad about her day, not just the bad. That i feel like the teacher is picking on her for small things…etc

Today i get a email tell me about when the teat was done (day before school) amd that she had great behavior and how she had a good day.

Then i checked my daughters folder and checked out her behavior chart. Where i found out that she was really on red !?!?

So now im waiting to hear back on which way her day really went.

Getting very tired of the uncertainty…

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