Oh my!! This is not good!
Kristi Latimer

So, still waiting for a email from the teacher, however we had another meeting with the principal today. It basically was to say that we need to back off.

We are all on the same team is what he said, and that he made sure to tell our daughters teacher to include something positive in the emails to us, which she did and then we (my husband and i) bombarded her with other details and that we are over whealming her. And it appears its still not good enough. And that he told her to only email us one time a day.

Which is fine except that means i wont get a answer to my emails tell the next day, as she is the one emailing me.

Totally felt that this meeting was to tell us hes gonna mediate between the two of us. Hes on the teachers side and agrees we are too intense and to invested and need to back off.

He also mentioned a meeting wr had the first week of school to address the email she sent me. The teacher told him that we were there for a long time and that she felt trapped and couldnt find away out of it.

This meeting was one she approved and we all talked including the para, whom the teacher invited half way through, on several of our concerns regarding chloes behavior.

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