Europe 2014

Day 22: Wearisome but Well Traveled.

Our train ride was very obnoxious. We had to switch trains every 30 minutes or so. On our last train we met two girls, Leanna and Bonnie. They were students at the University of South Florida. Bonnie was from Michigan and Leanna was from Canada. They had spent the past 3 weeks touring Europe, as we had. We discovered that we all had been planning on sleeping on the train station, and then just buying our tickets for a bus to the airport in the morning. It did not make sense to pay for a hotel or hostel that we would only stay at for a few hours. But since there were four of us who would be chipping in, we decided to go for it. We ended up at a little shabby hotel, where we spent the next several hours doing what girls do best. Talking. We all finally dozed off. After about an hour of sleep, Becca and I woke up and quietly left the room to go catch a bus. Next thing we know we are at the airport boarding our flight for Frankfurt, Germany.

In Germany as we waited to board our next flight we met a women from Idaho. Imagine that! We chatted a bit but were thankful when we got seats on the other side of the plane from her. We loved hearing all about her life and family, but we were running on about one hour of sleep. We needed rest.

I remember coming off the plane in Denver and being shocked when the signs were actually in English (imagine that!). I was even more shocked when I turned my phone on and I had service. Oddly enough, I had no desire to really use it though (we should send our next generation to Europe for three weeks, it may solve some things). Our next and final plane ride was to Salt Lake City. I have never been more excited to see my family before! I slept almost the entire three hours to my beloved Twin Falls, Idaho.

Then finally, I was in my own bed.

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