Europe 2014

Day 12: It Was So Very Nice To Meet You.

Today we woke up, ate a delicious breakfast (of course!), packed our bags, and boarded our train to Nice, France. We walked around Nice (pronounced niece) which is a cute town next to the ocean. The buildings are adorable, like in Cannes, and there are many street markets and shops squashed together in the squares. We climbed (which was not easy with our big bags) the ruins of some palace. At the top you could see all of Nice and The Mediterranean Sea. We explored this area for a while then returned down to the beach to relax in the sun. We relaxed a little to long.. Rule 1 when traveling around a country while carrying backpacks: Don’t Get Sun Burnt! Once we could feel the burn coming on we scrambled to leave and get away from the sun! We found a nice park to sit and read in. While we were sitting there a young man came up to us. We soon figured out that he had been traveling around Europe and the States for a couple months. His name is Staphano and he is half Italian and half Ecuadorian. We sat and talked to him for quite some time then we all went out to eat dinner. After dinner we said our goodbyes and started our search for the unknown bus station.

Our search for our bus station was long and tiring. Nobody, and I mean nobody seemed to have even heard of our bus station. Don’t get me wrong, Nice is not a sketchy place at all, but when you are walking around at night hopelessly lost and multiple (emphasis on multiple!) hookers (girl hookers I might add… Well one we weren’t sure about) try to pick you up, you get a little freaked out. Finally we found it. Once there we discovered that it was not a station at all just a bus stop (that explains why nobody knew where it was). We found some steps nearby where we sat and had a snack. We were enjoying our time away from the hookers when a man pulled up in a bus (not ours) parks and heads toward a hotel. He then back tracks to where we are sitting and, with barely understandable English, asks if we were going to sleep on the steps. We tried (several times) to explain (basically playing charades) that we were waiting for our bus. Still not understanding, he told us that we could sleep in his bus. When we said we were fine he then offered his hotel room (don’t worry he was safe, from what we could tell). We denied and tried some more to tell him that we were not sleeping on the steps. He finally seemed satisfied and said goodbye. Later on two younger boys came and sat with us. We tried to break through our language barrier and have a conversation but it ended in a lot of nodding and smiling, meanwhile we were secretly hoped they were being appropriate. Finally (!!) our bus came, we said goodbye and boarded the bus for a sleepless ride to Florence, Italy.

Meet Stephano
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