Democrats aren’t ‘Divided’ — They Just Want Sanders OUT
S. Novi

My question is, what the hell do we do when the age of automation come into full swing and Capitalism collapses due epidemic job loss? Cashless Socialism is the alternative to civil war in this case, other wise its a futile future. Sanders is trying to get through to a bunch of thick headed dim wits on both sides. This is coming…and if the nation isn’t put into balance by the time it gets here the devastation caused is going to be an epidemic the scale never before spoken of in recorded history. And if you think your exempt just because of you party affiliation, your religion, your wealth or who you know, you are sorely mistaken. Now You all go ride your moral high horses while you can, because cause and effect doesn’t give a fuck what you believe. And no one is exempt because everything in existence is interdependent.

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