For those who are looking into different options on how to recover from an addiction, 12 step programs have been utilized for several decades and promote system that has worked to provide a healthy environment and support system for countless souls worldwide. Although it’s a challenging process, the journey is effective at helping addicts regain their self-confidence and strength while becoming equipped with tools to recover. It has been shown that one alcoholic helping other, coupled with a complete psychic change can bring about a lifestyle that is centered on helping others- not only in the 12 step program, but in life as a whole. This need to help beyond anything else, gives an alcoholic purpose, and taking a struggling alcoholic through the same process they were taken through, brings about a sense of satisfaction that can compare to nothing else.

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 12 step programs offers structure when it’s most needed for addicts who have often lost control of every area of their life due to their dependency on a substance. It allows the individual to make goal and focus on one portion of the recovery progress at a time instead of feeling overwhelmed by the overall challenges ahead. It is accepted in such programs, that the oldtimers (or those with many years of sobriety) set the tone for the newer participants. Including them in social events, called fellowshipping, often helps integrate new prospects into this special group.

Recorded Progression
 12 step programs are a convenient way to track personal progress and feel accomplished with outlines that makes it easy to follow with simple guidelines established to ensure recovery with an open mind. Rewards and tokens are often given after each step is completed for a fulfilling way to stay motivated. By identifying and celebrating milestones in the recovery program, one can appreciate the great improvements that are evident in their lives by way of just staying away from drugs and alcohol. Abstinence is but only a portion of the program’s principles in general. The other, more sustainable steps require a conscious contact with a spiritual power, and a willingness to help others follow the same path to recovery.

For those who feel intimidated by the complexity of recovery, the 12 step program is simple and does not require more than what is discussed in the 12 steps.


One of the most common concerns for those considering entering a 12 step program is the fear of revealing their identity or feeling ashamed in the community. 12 step programs give the option of staying anonymous, causing for a more comfortable environment that allows participants to have freedom and protect themselves.

High Success Rates
 Choosing to go cold turkey off of a substance rarely has successful results long-term, as recovering from an addiction takes time, effort, and patience for permanent results. 12 step programs have high success rates due to the time and energy put into the program for those participating, which allows them to value their progression at a higher rate and have better results.

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 An individual sponsor is paired with each person who enrolls in the program, providing emotional support and accountability during the recovery progress. It’s a person who is qualified and whom the patient feels comfortable with for a positive influence and motivator in weak times.

There is also peer support and accountability provided in the meetings, making it more difficult to relapse while staying connected in a transparent environment on a weekly basis.