Things that will Change with Self-driving Cars
Jesse Weaver

All I can say is these machines had better live up to the dream, So many motorists are wetting themselves in anticipation of a golden era where the automobile takes over completely.

What will stay the same? Mass transit will still be considered as a second class alternative way to get around. Traffic congestion will increase (just as internet traffic has increased exponentially) as the technology facilitates more and more innovations like automated delivery of our lunches. Our poor standard of national health, prescibed mostly by immobility, will most likely stay the same or worsen. Air pollution will be affected more by conversion to electric motors than by the autonomous computers, but pollution may also increase if traffic volumes increase. But most of all our sense of control and freedom — the very elements that has made the motor car so ubiquitously popular during yhe past century, will be largely preserved.

We willlose some of that when car computers frustrate our immediate impulses and even further if autonomous cars are now owned by the motorists. Ownership goes hand-in hand with love of the motor car — and besides, how will people cope when they can’t take along all of those convenient items of importance that everyone keeps in their car.

There will be ups and downs. More ups or more downs? We will find out when it happens.

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