I’m Angry At Facebook
Ericka Andersen

Erick, whatever made you think that Facebook was anything but a corporation. It does what it does on careful consideration of it’s business opportunity. End of story.

Many millions of people like Facebook to pieces because that’s where they link with their ‘friends’. So Facebook is like a friendly, socially enabling host– for everyone.

What those milli0ns of users don’t see is the other interactions that are happening on the very same platform, amongt people who they would not consider their friends at all. Even their arch enemies. These other people love Facebook to pieces to because, well….it’s their friendly, socially enabling host too. It’s so cute!

At the end of the day we need to accept that Facebook is politically neutral. It coesn’t care who uses it to make ‘friends’ (so long as the platform is not used for legally contestable puposes).

Above all, it will do whatever best suits its financial bottom line. That’s it’s sole purpose, whatever Zuckerberg may say. Having coopted millions of users it does have a small public relations problem to contend with, but it can afford to lose a few million of those as the remaining billions will stay on board, through thick and thin, as a result of their addiction.