Death By Facebook, and The Pain of Discovery
Ezinne Ukoha

Having left the platform some months ago it’s quite fascinating to go back in just for a look. A bit like going back into gaol to see your old inmatessdn see how they are going, I would guess.

There they all are. Engaging in strings of 10-second grabs, that truncated form of media that we all used to rubbish… until we stated doing it ourselves. The ultimate dumbing down of society. Dizzying lists of ten second grabs.

There’s always something interesting in there —but which can only be gleaned by trawling through dozens of inane posts. By which time our energy for the day has been withered. We naively think we have taken action by clicking ‘Like’. Really it’s a process of de-activation.

Yet I have to accept and respect that most of the inmates enjoy their self inflicted day-after-day incarceration.