Democrats aren’t ‘Divided’ — They Just Want Sanders OUT
S. Novi

He meant well. He’s a hard line leftist advocate. To give him his due, he set out to be an antidote to the laissez faire capitalism that runs America. He did that. Disabled the Hillary campaign in the process. But he did it all with the best of intentions. He and his supporters believe that if you win you have to win with integrity. Which means you lose.

Bernie can spend the rest of his days treasuring his tag as ‘political reformer’. Had he been elected as President his reputation would have been as ‘presidential failure’. His devotees would have gone sour. Not because he didn’t have motivation to reform, just that the system would not have allowed the kind of changes that he advocated.

For that reason he’s so lucky he didn’t get elected. He can live out his days as the adored brave reformer who got spat out.

Pity about Trump though.

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