Don’t be fooled.
Criss Ittermann

Hi again Criss. I don’t think we are talking at cross purposes. What you say about politicians also applies to people like Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein. Within a year into a presidency Sanders would have become the target of ridicule by progressives. There is very little change that he could effectively enable, despite his political stances. Far, far too much focus is placed on individuals rather than systemic dysfunction.

I don’t idolize Obama at all, but am aware that compared to previous incumbents and considering his lack of numbers to effectively legislate he has made quite a good fist of handling the presidency. I won’t claim to have done it any better, though I respect that you may have.

It must be totally frustrating for him not to have managed to close Guantanamo Bay or to take dramatic action on the climate issue. I think he ought to be criticised, as any other political rep should be, but I see too many people blaming him for systemic failures that are beyond his control.

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