Twelve Thoughts On Feminism And Its Place In Today’s Political Environment
Caitlin Johnstone

In the aftermath of the presidential election it seems that feminism has to re-discover itself. Clinton is portrayed as fake feminism, the degrading mock-up photo helps to make that point.

I guess Clinton was feminism trying to adapt to patriarchal style too much and it failed. It’s not enough to pugnaciously aspire to smash that glass ceiling. In fact, the very act of aspiring to that holy grail worked against her rather badly.

I’ve been predicting that the first female US president will be a conservative woman from either side of politics. A candidate who doesn’t mention glass ceilings. Who just demonstrates competence in practically dealing with contemporary issues. Who doesn’t overtly offend misogynistic values and thus turn herself into a target of hate.

Question: Can this happen soon? Or has Clinton blown that bridge for a long time to come?

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