Do You Still Feel Capitalism Dying?
Joe Brewer

Joe, I look out for your writings because you always reflect what I would say… almost perfectly… every time.

Almost, but in this case, like a few others, maybe ‘death of capitalism’ should be replaced by ‘death of industrialism’. We have reached a whole range of hard physical limits — to the point of overshoot in some instances — but this problem isn’t necessarily defined solely by left versus right politics. Framing it this way tends to invite divisive responses since most people are wedded, at least partially, towards either end of the left-right spectrum.

We are actually all in the same boat. Rich or poor, black or white. Fearfully facing an obvious major disruption around the corner and not being in control. Or turning a blind eye to it becasue it’s too hard to look at. We hope for a soft landing, rather than total, cataclysm and it’s true that to some extent what we do now may just help that softer landing to come about.

That’s all we can expect. I don’t blame anyone who believes that it’s game over and who choose to sit it out and fatalistically watch our demise. As for me, I think we have enough residual collective power left to help define whatever future comes out of the ashes. Possibly… but regardless, most people find that actively engaging helps to lighten the burden of fear.

Thanks again for your thoughtful insights, Joe.

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