3 ways Clean Energy will make Big Oil extinct in 12 to 32 Years — without subsidies
Nafeez Ahmed

Nice thought, and nicely optimistic, but very unrealistic. I don’t think many citizens realize how utterly dependent we are on oil for nearly all of our transport, agricultural and industrial processes. Some sort of society can eventually exist on more dilute energy forms but nothing like the industrial society that we have got. That black suff in the ground enabled industrial civilisation and rampant consumerism to come about…. and for a growig world population of 7 billion people to live off it. Lack of that black stuff means all that huge megolith goes into reverse. Decay will be the order of the day that we will mostly see.

We may enjoy aspects of a simpler society, but for the most part the decline of oil will entail so much hardship and inequity. Loss of consumer comforts will bring about a lot of social anger and political discord. The wealthy elite will hang on to dwindling resources with ruthlessness. Border walls are just the begining.

This will, without doubt, be the adventure of a lifetime, but we need to plunge into that future with eyes wide open.

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