The Five Letter Word That Spells the End of Societies
umair haque

Thank you for a great essay.

It could be that when any civilisation comes to its nadir and starts to disintegrate all over the place that there is an inevitable loss of trust in the existing order. In which case, it could be that there’s no point in even trying to re-build trust if it really is the case that we are hitting a brick wall, SMACK!, and due to plunge into oblivion. After all, this has happened to many earlier civilisations.

To the extent that trust could be re-built, would be the acid test if our civilisation has any future at all. There’s an awful lot hanging on that delicate equation. The most important thing is for everyone, of all political persuasions, to beware of the worst consequence. That awareness may just pull us back from the precipice.

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