To Live in a Doomed Society
umair haque

Thank you Umair,

Many won’t want to read your essay because it cuts to the quick. We don’t want to go there. It makes the eyes hurt. We are having personal trouble coping with our knowing that the society we live in is on the skids, but it’s not yet acceptable to publicly say it out aloud. Even more so to our fragile friends and families. Let alone admit it to ourselves.

One message I do talk about to those who dare to talk about these things is to avoid thinking black and white Armageddon thoughts. That the end is total finality and that’s that. A brick wall with nothing beyond it.

We are heading for a major disruption, yes. But we can’t at this point predict or define exactly how that disruption will pan out and what will lie in its aftermath. Or the extent to which we can soften the fall and affect the aftermath.

We have to prepare for a lot of suffering that will (most probably) accompany that disruption, yes. But fear is nearly always worse than the real experience.

I have a friend who says we ned to go into this with a sense of adventure, the greatest adventure that human society will ever venture into. I think it’s a good thought. It doesn’t deny the gravity of what’s ahead, it appreciates its inevitability but it allows us space to meet it head on without withering.

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