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There are two revolutions happening in tandem in the world. The renewable energy reolution and the IT online revolution. Both are happening apace and both are happening exponentially.

IT energy consumption in the world is growing at such a pace that it, amongst all industry sector, will soon become the largest energy guzzler on the planet. As amazing and promising as the renewable energy revolution is, it is not keeping pace with this energy growth. More energy is now used by the IT sector than is delivered by wind and solar combined and this disparity is growing not shrinking.

Whether or not new renewables will be able to energise even the IT industry alone is debatable at this point. It depends totally on whether the latter will level off intime or just keep growing at the furious pace that it is.

The ability of renewables to power the whole of industrial society hinges a lot on us using much less energy in many other sectors — in tandem with its exponential growth. If we fail to do this part, this revolution will be more like a cat chasing it tail.

This is the real challenge we have to confront.

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