Driverless Cars Need Just One Thing: Futuristic Roads
Brent Skorup

Think scale.

“Driverless cars need ony one thing — futuristic roads.” So… we not only have to replace the 1,500 million cars in the world, we also need to build a new road system. Just like that!

On the issue of car numbers, how does the one fifth of teh exidting fleet of vehicles reconcile with peak hour? We’re going to find that a society that loves their car to pieces and is devoted to the autonomy of them are going to all of a sudden agree to be a passive passenger in a vehicle with at least 5 strangers? We already have shared buses and trains that can do that for them.

I do wish that some of the wishful thinking and hype could be taken out of these conversations. I don’t believe for one moment that the auto industry is going to foist on us a car-based future that reduces their scale of manufacturing down to one fifth. The allure of quiet accident-free cities ar the selling points. Bet you my bottom dollar the end result is a little different.

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