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UX is changing. You may have noticed that UX designers are spending less and less time at their desks, doing UX. They’re spending their time talking to people, whether at other people’s desks, in workshops or stood up in front of white boards — decorating it with post-it notes. But what are they doing? And when do they do their UX work?

The UX design process is based on a set of deliverables. From Personas to Empathy Maps and Customer Journey Maps to Wireframes, Site maps and User Flows, there are many. …

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Chris Thelwell explores the open file format update to Sketch and how it will change the way designers work forever.

On 06 April 2017, Bohemian Coding released an update to their popular design tool, Sketch 43. Designers around the world hailed it as a game-changer for the design tool industry. But the launch passed without the massive fanfare you’d expect for something so big, leaving most designers wondering what had actually changed and why it was so significant.

I will help explain the changes that were introduced and ask if Sketch 43 really is a game-changer to the design process of the future.

Game-changer from day one

To understand the impact of Sketch 43 we have to rewind seven years. On 7 September 2010, Bohemian Coding — a small two-year-old company in The Hague, Netherlands — unveiled Sketch to the design community. …

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From choosing prototyping tools to getting your priorities right when designing a new product. I answer Net Magazine readers questions.

I was asked to join Net Magazine as their UX expert for issue 294. Below are the full answers to the selected questions submitted by Net Magazine readers.

“How would you define the difference between convenience and personalisation?”

From Jesse Friedman

The main difference between convenience and personalisation is in how they are measured.

Convenience is quite easy to measure, usually by measuring time or time saved — for example time saved in completing a process or reduced time in finding the thing you need. …


Chris Thelwell

Award winning digital product designer and innovator

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