Some of us live with evil

Evil develops and propagates when we all neglect to say something, check someone when we see something. Criminals, rapist, pedophiles, megalomaniacs, egomaniacs, misogynists, xenophobes, sociopaths, murders and the list goes on are not created overnight. All of us see either repetitive behavior or flashes of a psyche in a friend, family member or coworker that shows a potential problem. You know the ones. They may make crude jokes about women, minorities, ‘the man’, brag about getting over or getting away with some uncivilized act. They abuse people, use people and display a lack of concern for others. But confronting that person or their family means truly sticking one’s neck out. We soothe ourselves by passing it off as just ‘talk’, locker room talk, macho stuff, acting out, climbing fools hill, they’ll grow out of it or any number of other euphemisms. Those who are doing harm to children, girls, the poor, the sick, people who are different, society, the earth, institutions or you name it ALL at some point showed a loved one their true heart and the witness ignored the signs. No one wakes up evil rather they sleep on it for years being lovingly tucked every night while that rancid heart grows darker and deeper with hate. Now you know what it means when they say… If you see something, say something. Peace.