Work, Dignity and Doing What You Can

Chris Thilk
Sep 18, 2018 · 7 min read

1: It’s Unskilled Work

I don’t imagine that the average Walmart or Target employee could immediately jump in and do the work of a CPA, that’s true. Some could, for various reasons, but it’s probably not many.

2: It’s For the Uneducated

This is malarkey. Again, the people working part-time retail or other jobs may have a *different* educational background than someone who works an office job, but that doesn’t make their education inferior or, worse, non-existent.

3: It’s For the Unmotivated

100% of my coworkers at Starbucks — every single one — has one or more of the following three things going outside of the time they’re at the store:

  1. Is in school, usually college but also a few kids still in high school.
  2. Is a parent.

4: It’s Demeaning

Oh this is an interesting one, one that forms the core of the attitudes that initially swirled around Geoffrey Owens, or anyone who’s found to be working a job that seems “beneath” what we assume their status to be.

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