This is Why Millennials Are Feeling More Miserable, Unhappy and Unfulfilled than Any Other Generation.

I’ve been lied to all my life and you’ve probably been lied to without even realizing it. The reason why I say this is because while I was growing up I always saw that people that had no money were unhappy. They would actually tell me that they couldn’t be happy until they had the money, car, or house they wanted. For my entire life I truly believed this. I had this foundation about the meaning of money, of how you couldn’t be happy until you get what you want. For this reason, I’ve been working extremely hard building startups and trying different business ventures; all while trying to earn the money that everybody craves for. However, once I achieved it, I felt miserable, lost and had a big depression like never before.

After building two start ups and doing well over six figures in revenue, I discovered that the more money I was making, the more miserable and lost I felt. It’s not because I didn’t like what I was doing, it was because everybody had a lie to me about happiness... Let me explain.

I’m a 27 year old entrepreneur, I’m the perfect example of a young millennial who’s craving overnight success like we’ve seen all over media. I’ve been told that by starting an app, launching a website, creating a course, or following the 3-step system to 30k a month it’s how you actually achieve success and become a millionaire. I have no idea why there’s such a misunderstanding of success nowadays; I don’t understand why people are pushing the “secret sauce” schemes. All this misconception of success only creates one thing in your life: it makes you feel miserable!

2017 had been a horrible and depressing year for me; I lost my purpose of life. Everyday I would ask myself: “why am I here?”, “Why am I struggling so much to achieve something, that I will eventually leave behind when I die? Why go through the hassle anyway?” (I told you I was going to be very honest with you, to please bear with me).

All these stupid thoughts did cross my mind every single day for almost 5 months! Like I said before, they were dark days for me. It was until one day, coming back from a panic and desperation attack, that I realized I was going through a big depression emotionally and I had to do something about it, before it was too late. I had completely lost my purpose and I had completely lost why I became an entrepreneur to begin with.

I was chasing the money, I was chasing success, and it was only creating emptiness and depression.

I noticed that most of my anxiety and depression were only being fueled by comparing myself to other people (I’m not proud of doing so, but I’m being transparent with you). However, I think most people are comparing themselves to other people anyway, all thanks to social media. It’s so easy to look at the profile of your friends or classmates that graduated with you, and seeing them traveling the world. Most of my buddies are traveling all over the place: Europe, Asia, South America, and the list goes on and on. I keep seeing them buying fancy cars, getting married, and buying nice houses in their 20s.

I guess is all part of the American dream, right?

On the other hand, here I was, working 10–16 hours a day for the last three years of my life, driving an 11 year old car that’s breaking apart, still not where I want to be, no fancy house, no tesla in my garage, and definitely not traveling the world. What do you think came out of this? Exactly, a huge depression!

It was until one morning, that I realized something had to change, before my life would get any worse. I realized that I had completely lost the why and purpose of my life, so I decided to take a full week off everybody and everything in life. I basically turned social media off, turned my family and everything else off.

I jumped online and got a rental car for a full week (remember that my car is 11 years old and can’t even make a 2hr drive), and so my road trip began. I drove for 17 hours from El Paso Texas to San Francisco California. The only reason for my trip was to give myself time to think about what I was doing, refocus my mind, and the most important was to find my purpose and my meaning in life. (Yes, all my family and friends laughed at me for doing it).

I had completely lost myself and I wanted to use this trip to give myself an opportunity to find my passions that would actually make me happy. In San Francisco I tried doing things and activities that I wouldn’t normally do. I’m not a fit person but I still tried a long 3-hour bike hike, I tried different food, and I tried visiting places that I wouldn’t regularly visit. Among the activities I tried, I visited a meditation center called “Kadampa Meditation Center”. Of course when I found it on Google, I thought it was a Yoga retreat place that could teach me how to relax and control my stress. Little did I know that the next 2 hours would change my life forever.

This center had nothing to do with spa, yoga or relaxation; it was an actual buddhist center! I met 4 amazing monks that for some crazy reason, I felt like they were expecting me that evening! The 4 monks talked to me in a very deep and emotional level, like I’ve never talked to anybody before (Come on, I’m a guy! It’s hard for us to let it all out). Among my long conversations with all 4 monks, one of them actually understood why I was there and what my problem was.

She looked at me and said: “Christian, what you’re going through is a disconnect between your mind and your emotions. I know you’re trying to control your mindset, but you will never feel ok with yourself until your thoughts match the emotions of your heart”. For some weird reason, it made sense! All this time I’ve been trying to tell my mind what to think and how to control it from what I would read on books. But I never really felt anything aside from anxiety, desperation, and depression.

I knew then I was at the right place at the right time!

This same monk taught me some very practical 15-minute meditation exercises that she’s been doing for many years. She made me realize that by simply being grateful for what you have is not enough, she showed me the way to actually care and feel for other people… This literally changed my life!

For the rest of the trip and for the following 4 weeks after I came back, I kept meditating 3 times a day because I knew my problem was huge and I needed to take extreme action. These sessions made me realize of something, that even if somebody would’ve told me (including the buddhist monks) I wouldn’t believed it. This is something that you can only believe and understand once you discover it on your own.

Happiness DOES NOT come from external things… That lie that everybody has ever told me is simply an excuse; it’s a lie we tell ourselves because of the lack of education! The truth is you will never, ever be happy until you understand that happiness comes from inside of you.

When you chase success, money, houses, cars, or people you go into a rabbit hole. Once you achieve or get whatever you wanted, you will then want something else and you will tell yourself: “Ok, I’m still not happy because I still need this…” WRONG! You’re not happy because you don’t even know what happiness is, looks like, or where it even comes from!

You see, there is no bigger limitation than what you tell yourself. In the same way, there is nobody that can make you feel as good as only you can. The problem is that only 1% of people know this.

This is what happened during the life-changing 4 weeks of my life.

Of course when I came back from that amazing trip, week 1 was a total failure, devastated and now stressed to pay the bills of my trip’s expenses.

However, week 2 was a complete game changer. I kept doing meditation at least twice a day and I could actually start feeling something different inside.

By week 3 I knew I was on my way to find exactly what I was looking for: my purpose in life.

Week 4, the one I will never forget:

On week 4, while I was driving back home from a very long day at my brick-and-mortar business, I started to think about what I had been going through.

I was asking myself why was everybody being so successful much faster than me? I wanted to know if I was the only one struggling, trying to build a business up from scratch?

I knew I couldn’t possibly be the only one feeling this way… There had to be somebody else going through the same! The problem is that everybody hides the journey and only talks about the happy ending.

That’s when it hit me!

Then I thought what if I could find a way to connect me with other people that felt the same way and actually bust the myth of overnight success? What if I could interview successful entrepreneurs and have them talk about all their failures and struggles they had to go through, before hitting success?

The rest is history.

This is how The Hustle Show Podcast & Youtube came to life!

The idea of the show took me literally 5 minutes while driving back home and it changed my life forever. The funny thing is that the idea didn’t come to me while I was on my trip, but I know that the idea came because of everything that happened on my trip. I’m not saying that you need to go on a trip right now or having to drive 17hrs to get your aha moment.

What I’m saying is all the garbage and trash that we’re seeing out there with the blueprints, the 3-step system to success, the hunger to be an overnight success, and all this noise that young Millennials are seeing including me, is really affecting our mindset and is completely disconnecting our mind to our feelings. When you achieve this level of disconnect not only do you feel lost, you actually have suicidal thoughts, because you lost your purpose, you lost your why.

I know the feeling and I don’t wish it to anybody else.

The very next morning after I had the idea for the show, I purchased the domain and I started building a website.

I’ve always enjoyed public speaking and being in front of the camera so for me the idea of a video podcast felt right. I also had a web design background, so I was able to finish the website in a 4 days (and I mean a real nice website).

Once I finished the website the next question was:

Who the hell am I going to interview?

I started reaching out to friends that are or know other entrepreneurs. Within 24 hours I started getting dozens of possible guests. This totally validated my idea for the show, while everybody kept telling me that it was a genius idea!

The Hustle Show is now in the Top 30 Business Podcasts in iTunes

Now I know what my purpose in life is:

I have the courage and the passion, to inspire other millennial entrepreneurs to take action and go after their dreams, and find actual happiness!

So I invite you, to subscribe to my proud creation: The Hustle Show: and join me on the beginning of this incredible journey.

Christian Arriola